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Community Contribution Program

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Community Contribution Program

The Community Contribution Program was designed as a way to support the organizations in the communities we serve.  CBT Bank is proud to be a part of the community and we thank you for inviting us to support your organization.

Each year CBT Bank receives a large number of Community Contribution requests.  Because of this extensive volume, applicants are advised that not all requests can be accommodated and that not all requests will receive an approval.

All submitted requests are verified for eligibility.  If the request meets the Community Contribution Program eligibility guidelines, it will then be reviewed.  Upon review and evaluation of the request, it will be approved or denied.  If the request is approved, the level of participation will be determined.  Decisions on any request are not a judgment by CBT Bank or its staff on its merit.  Requests may be rejected due to budget constraints or prior commitments.

In order to be eligible for a Community Contribution, your organization must meet the Eligibility Guidelines.  Eligible requests can include, but not limited to, non profit organizations fund raising campaigns, building projects, community involvement projects or event sponsorship.  Request deemed ineligible would include: individual requests, political organizations, organizations that do not benefit communities in which CBT Bank serves, organizations making large requests without 501(c)(3) status and organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender or national origin.  Allocations are based on value of the project and benefit of the community being served.  Guidelines can vary from time to time, so approval does not imply automatic renewal year after year.  Please note even if your organization meets all the eligibility guidelines; approval is not guaranteed.

Community Development contributions will be given priority.  A qualified Community Development contribution may be for:

  • Non-for-profit financial intermediary - such as Community Development Corporation that leads or facilitates in low or moderate income individuals in order to promote community development;
  • Organization engaged in affordable housing rehabilitation or construction, including multi-family rental housing;
  • Organization that promotes community development by financing small businesses - small: gross revenue <$1M;
  • Facilities that promote community development in low or moderate income areas. (e.g., youth programs, homeless centers, soup kitchens, health care facilities, battered women's centers and alcohol and drug recovery centers);
  • Projects eligible for low income housing tax credit;
  • Not-for-profit organizations serving low to moderate housing or other community development needs.  (e.g., home ownership counseling and other credit/financial services education);
  • Organizations assisting low or moderate income individuals or areas that utilize credit or sustain economic development (e.g., day care operations, job training programs).

Because of our commitment to the communities we serve, we appreciate the opportunity to support your organization.  We will carefully evaluate your Community Contribution request and wish you success with your efforts.

To be considered for funding, eligible organizations must submit a Community Contribution Request Form along with a short summary of the project or programs for which funding is sought and how those funds will be used.  Completed forms can be dropped off at any local Community Office location.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for requests to be processed.