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Sometimes to acquire life’s extras, you need to borrow money.  With smart choices from CBT Bank, you’ll find a borrowing option that makes payments affordable.  Our Loan Officers understand our local markets and are qualified to match specific loan products to your needs.

The Bank’s primary trade area is defined as all counties in which the bank maintains a branch location.  The Bank’s secondary trade area includes the contiguous counties surrounding those counties.

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Credit subject to approval

Personal Loan

Buy what you need now, consolidate your bills or escape on that dream vacation.  Whatever your need, we can develop a payment plan that fits your budget at an interest rate that is typically lower than most credit cards.

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Money on Demand (MOD) Line of Credit

Optimize borrowing flexibility with a MOD.  You control how much you borrow with this unsecured line of credit.  The variable rate is typically lower than most credit cards.  Access funds with a check or electronically via Online24 or Mobile Banking.

  • For qualified borrows, MOD Line of Credit can be used as Overdraft Protection.  Funds from this revolving Line of Credit will transfer to the overdrawn account for a nominal transfer fee.  Contact us for additional information and to apply for this Overdraft Protection.

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Auto Loans

Bring home that vehicle from the showroom.  We’ll help you select a payment to fit your budget before you shop.  Applying is easy.

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Small Dollar Loan

This loan is designed to offer low to moderate income individuals and families affordable, low cost loans with reasonable repayment terms as an alternative to payday loans and high cost non-bank lenders.  A Small-Dollar Loan can be the first step in establishing or reestablishing credit and building a foundation for other asset-building loans like Auto Loan or Mortgage.  Total household income must fall below the low or moderate-income level for county of residency.

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Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Installment Loan

Allows you to borrow a lump sum based on the equity you have built up in your home.

  • Fixed rates, with fixed monthly payments
  • Receive the full amount of a loan when it is opened
  • May be able to use the interest you pay as a tax deduction, consult a tax professional for further information

Home Equity Line of Credit

Allows you to have pre-approved credit line in which you simply “write yourself a loan” with a check.

  • Variable rate tied to Prime
  • Line amount is based on the equity you have built in your home
  • Loan is always there for you to use, provided you have not reached your maximum credit amount
  • Monthly payment based on a percentage of the total outstanding balance
  • For qualified borrower(s), a Home Equity Line of Credit can be used as Overdraft Protection.  Funds from this revolving Line of Credit will transfer to the overdrawn account for a nominal transfer fee.  Contact us for additional information and to apply for this Overdraft Protection.

EZ Home Improvement Loan

This loan is designed to help you make affordable repairs and improvements to your home.  To qualify for the EZ Home Improvement Loan, borrower(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • Total Household income must fall below the low or moderate-income level for county of residency.
  • Borrower(s) must be the homeowner(s)
  • Borrower(s) must use the loan proceeds to make or purchase home improvements.  Electrical work, Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, Storm Doors, Insulation, plus more.
  • Offers lower interest rates

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Are you looking to buy or build a new home?  Are you looking to refinance your existing mortgage but not sure which mortgage product will best suit your needs?   At CBT Bank, we have a wide variety of mortgage products to offer.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the mortgage process and help you find the mortgage solution that is right for you.  Whether you plan to buy, build or refinance, your loan request receives prompt attention from local lenders.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Program

Are you looking for financing for the purchase of your dream home? With a Pre-approval you can find out how much home you can afford and what your monthly payments will be.

Purchasing a home is easier than ever with the pre-approval program.  Simply complete the pre-approval application and provide us with your financial information.  We will then review the information and if you are pre-approved, we will provide you with a pre-approval letter.

A pre-approval will put the stress of financing behind you and you’ll be able to concentrate on finding your new home.  Plus, with a pre-approval letter, you can show the seller that you are a qualified buyer.

What you will need for your Mortgage Pre-Approval Application Appointment:

  • One month of current pay stubs
  • W2s from the last two years
  • If self employed, last three years tax returns
  • Nominal Credit Bureau fee

First-Time Home Buyers Program

Preparing to purchase your first home?  Our program will provide you with a complete package of financial services to meet all your banking needs along with discounted fees.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, learn about your new home and share our experience so you can achieve your goal of home ownership.

Conventional Mortgage

  • Fixed rate
  • Monthly payment, additional payments may be made without any prepayment penalty

Construction Mortgage

Build the home of your dreams with our no hassle mortgage.  We’ll help you with the details

Manufactured Home Program

Buy a modular home or double-wide trailer with our affordable mortgage.  Must own the property and be able to establish a permanent foundation.

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Convenient Payment Options

Conforming Loan Payment Notice

All loan payments must be accompanied by the account number or payment coupon provided.  Loan payments made by mail must be sent to CBT Bank at P.O. box 171, Clearfield, PA 16830.  Loan payment must be received by mail Monday-Friday.  Loan payment may also be made in person to CBT Bank personnel at any of our office locations.  Payments must be received by the close of business, Monday-Friday, except bank holidays, to be credited as of that date.  Payments received after 5 p.m. by way of funds through Online24 and Access24 will be credited on the next business day.  All other payments received will be credited as of the next business day or as otherwise permitted by law. 

Automatic Payment

Set up an automatic payment schedule and never worry about a late payment again.  When you set up an automatic payment, you can also benefit with a lower interest rate.


Come in to any community office to make a loan payment or to make a balance inquiry on your account.

Use an ATM

Make a loan payment 24/7 at most CBT Bank ATMs. The Main Office and Hutingdon Downtown Office ATMs are cash disbursement machines only.

Pay by Mail

As always, you can mail your payment directly to any CBT Bank location.  Just remember to always include your loan payment coupon along with your payment.

Pay Online

With Online24 or Mobile Banking, you can make a payment to your loan anytime from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Pay via Telephone

Simply sign up for Access24, our automated telephone system, and you can make loan inquires and payments from any phone, day or night.

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