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Transfer Agent

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Transfer Agent

For assistance regarding a change in registration of stock certificates, replacing lost certificates/dividend check, or an address change, please contact the transfer agent listed below.

Transfer Agent:


Attn: Transfer Department

250 Royall Street

Canton, MA 02021

(800) 368-5948


Acceptable Stock Registrations:

Individual Owners:

Individual ownership should appear on the certificate in the form of a given name, middle initial and last name only. Prefixes will not appear on the registration.


Joint Ownership:

Registrations describing joint ownership must be designated in one of the following formats:

JTWROS (joint tenants with rights of survivorship) is used when any two people own stock in joint name. Both parties hold 100% of the stock. When one dies, the other must pay tax on ? of the stock, unless it is husband and wife, in which case there is no tax.

TENENT (tenants in the entirety) is for husband and wife only. Both parties own 100%. In case one spouse dies, there is no tax.

TEN COM (tenants in common) is used when any 2 people own stock in joint name. Each party owns 50%. In case of death of one, ? of the stock is automatically made a part of his or her estate.

COMM PROP (community property) is for husband and wife only. This registration is not available in all states. Each party owns 50%.

All joint ownership registrations need an indication of the type of tenancy desired. If no tenancy is stated, the form of tenancy is generally considered tenants in common and must be probated upon the death of a tenant.



The name(s) of the trustee(s) need to appear in the registration. The exception is the case of a pension or profit sharing plan trust where the trust is adequately described. Every living trust must include the date and beneficiary of the trust (example: Ted Jones TTEE U/A DTD 8/23/1989 FBO Kathy Jones).

Because the trustees of pension and profit sharing plans may change frequently, their names are not usually included in the registration of securities (example: Trustees of the ABC Corp. Profit Sharing Plan U/A DTD 09/26/1989).



Securities given to a minor should be registered in the name of the custodian for the benefit of the minor. Registrations to the name of the minor individually is not allowed. Acceptable registration is to set up under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (example: Theresa Smith Custodian for Maria Smith Under the PA UTMA).

No documents are required to register securities to an individual as custodian for a minor. However, once registered the minor is the beneficial owner and the custodian merely the supervisor. The gift is irrevocable and cannot be returned to the donor; nor can the donor receive income from the gift once it is made. The custodian collects, holds, manages, invests and reinvests the custodial property as he or she deems advisable. Formerly, gifts to minors had to be made by a living donor. Now, however, under the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act gifts may be given to minors from estates, trusts and guardianships.


TOD: TOD is the acronym for Transfer on Death. Not all states accept this registration (Pennsylvania passed the adopting Act on February 16, 1997). An acceptable registration would be: Mary Jane TOD Betty Jane subject to Securities Transfer Association Rules. The most important point to keep in mind is that during their lifetime the security belongs to the principal 100%. The individual designated has absolutely no ownership interest and may be removed at the principal's wishes. Ownership passes outside of probate.