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Sound Financial Management takes strategy and long-term planning.  Our registered Financial Advisors* will evaluate your financial needs and give you professional and unbiased advice to help you choose the right investment options to meet your specific goals.

Our 3-step process was created to comprehensively assess your needs and to help us implement the optimal investment strategy based on your current and future financial plans.

  • Step 1 - An initial meeting is scheduled with one of our Financial Consultants* to gather the necessary information, outline your particular needs and review your existing finances.
  • Step 2 – Our Financial Consultant* will review the statements and information obtained from your meeting and formulate a plan that is suitable to your unique financial situation.
  • Step 3 – We will meet again to present our findings and give direction to best utilize your assets.  From a traditional IRA to Estate Planning to Life Insurance, we will confidently guide you to your ultimate financial goal.

Our Financial Services Solutions provide a wide variety of financial options through Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC.  Our registered Financial Consultants* can provide you with information on these services and more.  Let’s Talk!

Education Planning

With all the educational savings options available today, choosing the right one might seem like a daunting task.  Now may be a great time to talk to a Financial Consultant* about the Educational Savings Plans available.

  • 529 Plans
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

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Tax Planning

Talk to a Financial Consultant* about the different types of tax advantaged accounts.   They will work with you to determine which of these plans fit your unique situation without reducing your financial goals.

  • Tax Deferred Investments
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Tax Advantage Education Investments

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Retirement Planning

Our Financial Consultants* will work closely with you to determine which retirement plan is right for you.

  • Traditional IRAs
  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Roth IRAs

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Investment Planning

Our Financial Consultants* can work with you to determine which investment mix will meet your needs and objectives for today and in the future.

  • Managed Accounts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuities – Fixed or Variable
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

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Insurance Planning

We can help you create a plan and provide access to the coverage you need.

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Medicare supplement

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Total Business Solutions

Financial Services, can provide one-stop-shopping for all your business needs.

  • Retirement Plans
    • SIMPLE
    • SEP
    • 547 (for non-profit)
    • 403(b)
    • Employee 401(k)
      • Employee Retirement Education
  • Business Insurance Planning
    • Deferred compensation plans
    • Business Succession
    • Buy/sell funding
    • Key person insurance
  • Employee Benefits
    • Group Life Insurance
    • Group Health Insurance
    • Group Disability Insurance

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Looking for more information about our Financial Services?

Visit our Investment Services Center.

Use this online financial tool to:

  • Learn more about your financial independence through the CBT online modules.
  • Create a personalized road map to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with one of our experienced SPF Financial Advisors*.

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*Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC ("SPF"), a registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor.  Products offered through SPF: are not FDIC or otherwise federally insured, are not a deposit or guarantee of the bank, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal.  Investment Representatives are registered through SPF. The bank has contracted with SPF to make non-deposit investment products and services available to bank clients.